Oil pressure kit with shipping included


Oil pressure kit with shipping included

What's in the kit?

You get the custom module w/wire harness, a new Delco sending unit,  and mounting screws.  Installation instructions are emailed to you or downloaded from here.

Price  $550

Plus Shipping.

Oil Pressure Sending Unit Replacement

Kit fixes your inoperative dash oil pressure gauge.

This started as a "what if" question.  On one of the Cadillac online forums I participate in, a retired Bell Lab's electrical engineer was describing his intricate fixes on old GM fuel injection circuit boards.  During the course of following his progress, I asked if it was possible to come up with a circuit board to make a new, off the shelf sending unit work with the weirdo Brougham dash gauge.  "Of course it is" was the answer.   After a couple of years of prototypes and improvements, the circuit board design was complete and one board design is able to be made to become either a fuel or oil version depending on how it is made.  With this custom board, case, and wire harness, it installs and plugs into the original Brougham harness.  Replaces sending unit 1508566.